Prueba de Nivel

Esta prueba es solamente orientativa. Siempre realizamos una prueba personalizada para cada alumno nuevo que acude a la academia para encontrar el grupo idóneo.

Los resultados (en la parte de inferior de esta página) corresponderían aproximadamente con los siguientes niveles:

0 – 5 Iniciación ninguno
6 – 10 Elemental A1
11 – 15 Pre-Intermedio A2
16 – 20 Intermedio B1
21 – 25 Post-Intermedio B1 – B2
25 + Advanced B2 – C1


1. The boys _____ in the garden. is are they are
2. He _____ three children. has got have have got
3. _____ she play the piano? do is can
4. Where _____ they live? does are do
5. This is _____ book. Robert of Robert Robert's
6. Are there _____ books here? some any the
7. _____ your hands please. wash washing do
8. John _____ tomorrow. goes to leave is going to leave leaving
9. He _____ the door now. paints paint is painting
10. We _____ some tea. want are wanting wants


11. Did you _____ the exam? take took takes
12. _____ did they arrive in Britain? Three weeks ago. How When What time
13. May I borrow your pen? I forgot to bring ______. my myself mine
14.We haven´t been to the cinema _____ six weeks. for since during
15. We are going home now and so _____. do they are they they are
16. I know a lot about France but _____ . I've never been there I never went there I never did go there
17. If it _____ tomorrow we´ll stay at home. will rain rained rains
18. Would you _____ the window please? open mind open opening
19. He asked me _____ . what was the time what the time was what the time has been
20. The weather here is very cold and you _____ to buy a warm coat. should must need


21. A lot _____ to the house before we can move in. needs doing needs to do needs be doing
22. You _____ come with us if you don’t want to. haven't to mustn't don't have to
23. _____ she was an hour late, she didn’t apologise. Because Despite Although
24. They don’t like him. He treats them _____ they were children. as if as only in case
25. If you don’t want to get burnt you _____ lie in the sun all day. won't shouldn't don't
26. I can’t stand _____ the same TV advertisements every day. watching watch to watch
27. If he had seen her, he _____ said “hello”. would say said would have said
28. I’ll get an electrician _____ that light. to mend mending mend
29. A lot of new roads _____ in recent years. were built were building have been built
30. She’s just bought a new car so she _____ be able to drive. can't must will